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Join our community of entrepreneurs, indie makers, product builders and nocode developers to build your dream app and start your online business. No coding required.
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“After just 2 months training with Nocodebuilders, we were able to complete our project.”
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Learn nocode and forget about code

Once you use nocode, you'll wonder how you ever built your projects any other way.
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3x cheaper

The cost of your project is almost zero because you have the ability to create it yourself. The only thing you need to invest is time and energy.

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5x faster

Nocode can be used to create fully functional applications in weeks, instead of years. It is not just for MVP and prototypes.

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10x easier

The no-code learning curve can be fast when you apply the right tools and methodologies. You will see the results of your work almost instantly.

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What can you find on Nocodebuilders ?

The all-in-one place for learning nocode.

Nocode Tutorials

Quickly find How-To Answers for your project

Browse through our curated list of +3k nocode video tutorials. Get help online by asking how-tos questions to our nocode experts.

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Learn more about us here.

nocode coaching platform

Nocode Courses

Launch your No Code Developer career in 9 weeks

Premium video content to help you build your app on your own, without wasting endless amounts of time searching all over the Internet. Our no-code courses are self-led and will help you build your own projects or kick-start your nocode career today.

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Learn more about us here.

nocodebuilders platform

Nocode Jobs

Looking for a job in nocode ?

Get the latest nocode job opportunities sent straight to your inbox. Kick off your nocode career today and join a growing industry.

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Learn more about us here.

Nocode Jobs

Meet our students

Hear the story of Andrew, Founder @CraftAnglais

"After years of struggling to finish our MVP, in just 2 months training with Nocodebuilders we were able to complete our project."

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    Launched CraftAnglais in 3 months
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    $980 MRR after 6 months

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Meet the founder

👋 Hey I'm Minh

I am a software engineer and indie maker based in France. I enjoy building side projects and connecting with people around the world.

Web development has always been reserved for computer engineers, but this is no longer true today. Anyone can create an application and make money from it.

My mission is to empower everyone to create applications without knowing how to code.

Minh Pham, Founder @Nocodebuilders

Nocode Community

What they say about Nocodebuilders

Stories of people that changed their life through nocoding.

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"I founded DataYoshi, the #1 online job board for data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning engineers. I recommend Nocodebuilders."
Boina B. Founder @datayoshi
Boina B.
Founder @Datayoshi
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"I created an online coaching app to prepare top-tier school students for careers in Consulting. Thank you for the amazing content !"
David C. founder @Lastep
David C.
Founder @Lastep
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"I was looking for a nocode course. The content and teaching methods of this course are well thought out. You can get support from the community as well."
Issife Soumahoro, no code student
Issife S.
Former professional basketball player
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"What I like about Nocodebuilders is the opportunity to learn techniques and tips from real-world examples that are not easily found elsewhere."
Emmeline Chane, no code developer
Emmeline C.
Nocode Developer
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"Coming from a Web Development background, I decided to acquire new skills in nocode tools. The high quality video content and the unique mentorship during the course were two aspects that drew me towards it."
Gwendoline Bénateau, no code student
Gwendoline B.
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