The Ultimate Guide to Bubble SEO

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The Ultimate Guide to Bubble SEO

It all started with this tweet on Twitter.

It’s a legitimate question that most entrepreneurs and marketers ask when they start their business with Bubble.io. Can we really rank on Google for our blog and marketing pages with Bubble.io?

On the Bubble forum, there are multiple threads about this topic, and they all come to the same conclusion: you should not use Bubble for SEO. The main reason is page speed. So are we all doomed to build our online business with a landing page builder like Webflow and separate our web app on Bubble?

Is speed really the only factor that prevents your app from ranking on Google? How good is Bubble for SEO? How do you optimize SEO for Bubble?

After all the recent changes Bubble made this year with their responsive engine and experimental features like server-side rendering, is this still true?

This is what we will try to do in this book: answer questions.

What this book is about:

  • ✅ Learn best practices for SEO
  • ✅ Structure your SEO properly
  • ✅ Improve page performance

What this book is not about:

  • 🚫 SEO strategies to rank #1 on Google
  • 🚫 Keywords research
  • 🚫 Backlinks strategies

The reason we won't be covering these topics in this book is that it would take more than a book for me to explain such broad topics. Here we focus on what we can improve in Bubble. This book is a technical guide to Bubble SEO.

Why listen to me?

I’m the Full Stack developer behind peyce.com, a marketplace that sells race bibs and we developed our MVP on Bubble.io. SEO is our main strategy for getting clients, so I worked alongside Gatien, current Head of SEO at Luko—a successful Insurance Startup in France—so he knows his stuff and I learned a lot about SEO from him.

We stopped using Bubble for our frontend in 2020 because we couldn’t create the search experience we wanted with Algolia inside Bubble, the responsive design engine was a hassle to maintain, and also because of SEO. The switch was made before Bubble released their new responsive engine, and we didn’t know when they were going to release it. We're still using Bubble today as our data backoffice and the app we provide to race organizers.

Would I have made the same decision today? Yes, mostly for the search engine experience and not for SEO reasons. Let's find out why.

What Bubble folks say

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I keep relegating it down my "next" to-do list. Sure sign I'm avoiding it. I definitely need education.
Justin Q.
Indie Maker @Quda
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It's a severely under-covered topic. Go for it, dude! 🤓🚀
Cameron B.
Lead Tech @Electrictogether
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I’ve heard no-code folks say @bubble falls short when it comes to SEO. Is this true? If yes, can anyone explain why?
Josh M.
Design Lead @Twitter
Nocode course

The Ultimate Guide to Bubble SEO

The best-selling book on Bubble SEO

$ 25.00 USD

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Meet the founder

👋 Hey I'm Minh

I am a software engineer and indie maker based in France. I enjoy building side projects and connecting with people around the world.

Web development has always been reserved for computer engineers, but this is no longer true today. Anyone can create an application and make money from it.

My mission is to empower everyone to create applications without knowing how to code.

Minh Pham, Founder @Nocodebuilders

Build your side project, backed by a community

Bubble training gives you lifetime access to the Nocodebuilders Community.
You are welcome to ask for help on your projects at the Lives Sessions as much as you want and when you want. You become one of our members and you will be helped as much as you need, until the launch of your project.

The training is not simply the purchase of video content, but a ticket to a great community of no code and entrepreneurship enthusiasts who want to grow and succeed together.

live session bubble

What is included in this course ?

This training has been designed to save you time. All the content is designed to get to the point and teach you good development practices.

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+10 hours of content

Quality content to progress quickly on the software, launch your app and avoid wasting time searching by yourself on the forums

twitch small icon

1 live session / month

The perfect place to ask questions, share with other members the state of your progress, ask for a focus on a specific aspect...

forums small icon

Lifetime access

Experience sharing, good tips, practical help and good humor are all available in our private space dedicated to all members of our community

Nocode course

The Ultimate Guide to Bubble SEO

The best-selling book on Bubble SEO

$ 25.00 USD

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9 weeks, 1 module per week

Everything you need to know to build web and mobile applications independently

Module 1 - Bubble Basics

You will learn how the Bubble editor works and the infinite possibilities that the software offers you.

Module 2 - Responsive Design

You will learn to set up a design system and create your first responsive page on Bubble.

Module 3 - Database Architecture

You will have created your database so that it is secure, efficient and scalable.

Module 4 - Web Development

You will have understood the best practices and concepts that a good web developer would use.

Module 5 - APIs Calls and Workflows

You will know how to read and understand an API documentation, set up your first API calls and you will have manipulated complex data.

Module 6 - Data Privacy And Roles

You will have understood how to set up a data protection system through Data Privacy and Roles to secure your data and those of your users.

Module 7 - Monetize with Stripe

You will have set up your payment system for your application according to your business model (payment by CB, marketplace, subscription system).

Module 8 - SEO with Bubble

You will have set up your SEO page architecture and configured on-site SEO with Bubble.

Module 9 - Deployment

You will have done all the verifications before putting your application in production and unveiling it to the world.


When does the training start and end?
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The training starts now and never ends! It's 100% online training that's completely tailored to your life - you decide when you start and when you finish. The training is scalable to take into account the latest Bubble developments and you will learn more every day through peer learning with members of our private community.

How long will the training take? Will I have time for it?
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This training was designed to provide maximum value in a minimum amount of time. I have divided the course into 9 modules, 1 module per week, with lessons lasting at least 10 minutes each. This is the pace I recommend, but feel free to work at your own pace. And you can easily come back to any lesson or topic if you need to.

How to access the training materials?
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Once registered, log in to your personal space by clicking on Register/Login at the top right of this page or by going here. Course videos are not available for download and must be viewed via the platform.

Is this training for me?
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Start this course if you really want to progress on Bubble. It's everything I wish I'd known when I started using Bubble. Through more than 50 video lessons, I share every step of my process for creating a responsive, secure, and scalable Bubble application. This training covers every step of app development, from start to production.

Is the Bubble training eligible for the CPF?
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No, it probably never will be. I have created this course with an affordable price to open it to as many people as possible, including those who do not have access to the CPF (students, French abroad, other French-speaking countries).

How long do I have access to the training?
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The training is available for life and you will also get free updates to it. After you register, you will have unlimited access to my training for as long as you want - on any device you own (mobile devices, tablets, computers).

When are the Live Sessions held?
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Live Sessions are held every first Friday of the month at 12pm. If you can't make it to a Live Session, that's okay. All our Live Sessions are recorded and uploaded to your training space.

Do I need any tools or equipment to take the course?
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All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a free Bubble account. However, I recommend that you take out a Personal account (~20€/month) to take full advantage of the training.

What if I don't like the training?
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No problem. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, let me know within the first 14 days by sending an email to contact@nocodebuilders.io and I will give you a full refund. The only requirement is that you have attended at least 2 Lives Sessions and completed the first 3 modules.

Is the training a certification course?
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Yes, you can get a certificate as long as you have completed an application project and passed a Bubble technical test.

I still have questions. How can I contact you?
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No problem. Send me an e-mail at contact@nocodebuilders.io.

Nocode course

The Ultimate Guide to Bubble SEO

The best-selling book on Bubble SEO

$ 25.00 USD

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